Key Features
  • SKU management through technology
  • Expiry & returns management

Medicines are required everyday, everywhere, in large numbers and by everyone.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the key is to keep a sharp eye on every product, every batch. Along with this, following government regulation is of paramount importance. Medicines need specialized storage and handling. To add to this, they expire in multiple batches and the supply chain must be on a constant move to make your products reach the market in time.

We get this.

We understand your storage & handling needs, and managing the products with expiry dates of hundreds of batches.

At Synchronized, we remain aware, updated & completely lawful in these systems. We can further help by being your licensing liaison. We also take the time to understand your product and prepare for how and where it should be stored, and create those controlled environments. We run dedicated software, which alert us to upcoming expiry dates to help you take appropriate and timely actions.

We also offer a special Value Added Service for this sector focussing on –Medical Representatives Sampling. Based on your requirements, we dispatch small quantities of your products to your medical representatives. This is a very niche job comprising of its own supply chain, running completely independently, but parallel to your mass product distribution. We don’t mind. If it helps you, we adapt.

We help you keep it moving.

A measure of our capability can be judged by the company of clients that we keep!