High Tech

Multiuser/shared warehouse in India
Key Features
  • Inventory managed and dispatched through technology
  • Serial number management throughout entire warehouse
  • Warranty repairs & return management

With new technology getting launched on a monthly basis, companies need to guard against the risk of obsolete inventory. They need a partner who understands this and can ensure it.

When we think of laptops, computers, phones, microchips and all such items, we recognize the underlying common thread – these are very valuable and delicate items. In moving and storing these products, security is key. Also, because of the constant upgrade in systems, your customer wants to move as fast as your technology. They want new products, and they want them fast. You need a partner whom you can trust with the same transport, Warehousing and management of these valuable products.

At Synchronized, we have equipped ourselves with the expertise & skill to deal with these obstacles. Our systems dictate and our staff understands that value and puts in that extra care to keep damages down to nothing. We have excellent security systems and protocols to ensure the safety of these valuable items. We also endeavor to be hyper-vigilant in handling such products to keep damage costs to a minimum. We focus on low transit times and plan your deliveries well to ensure delivery on time & in full.

We’re also trained in Value Added Services such as repair and maintenance of your product, along with spare parts management. You produce your products, and allow us to handle their storage and movement for you!

We help you keep it moving.

A measure of our capability can be judged by the company of clients that we keep!