Supply chain solutions provider in India
Key Features
  • Managing JIT supply chains
  • Distribution flexibility & control through own fleet
  • Managing VMI warehouses for DI supplies

The automotive industry in India is making headlines everyday. The consumption of vehicles is growing faster than ever before. The industry survives on organized and developed supply lines with a smooth and efficient flow. There is no space for futile storage and all products and spare parts must arrive ‘just in time’ for the company’s usage, often direct to the line of production. This is what allows for such quick transactions and high volume outputs.

This sector has no time for delay, stoppage or any margin for error. We get this.

At Synchronized, we function the same way – smooth, efficient and uninterrupted. Additionally, the automotive industry has a lot of protocols, safety measures, quality standards and KPI's that need to be followed. We take care to follow all required protocols and meet all KPI's. This allows us to serve the industry in the way that it wants to be served. We adapt to become a smooth cog in your larger machinery, helping your processes rather than becoming something more that you have to take care of, delivering on time & in full.

We help you keep it moving, literally.

A measure of our capability can be judged by the company of clients that we keep!