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As a leading logistics service provider we are being sought to provide services beyond the simple logistics purview.  We are thankful for that.
We endeavor to go beyond the basic services and deliver additional world-class services that can add value to your final product. Our VAS product offerings include inventory  management, product manipulation, reverse logistics and product installation.

Best 3pl company

Best 3pl Company in India

We manage your inventory to keep it lean and responsive to your sales.

Keeping an accurate and organized log of your products in the warehouse is often a large and overwhelming task. It is however, of utmost importance to know this to ensure adequate supply and a smooth flow of supply.

At Synchronized, we can do all this and more for you.We:

Keep an accurate stock inventory of your product

We number crunch your sales data to advise you on what to stock and what to order.
Advise you on your Safety stock and set re-order levels for each of your SKU's.
Indent products on your behalf when stock levels are reaching re-order points.

We employ a suite of software that we use to enhance the warehouse management of your products. This is possible whether you’re using a dedicated warehouse or are part of a multi-user Warehousing and is especially advantageous if we’re managing your warehouse on-site. 

We make it work for you. We help you Keep It Moving.

Warehouse in India

Labelling, kitting, re-work, repair, assembly and more...

Products are stored at our warehouses are various stages of their life cycles. They require packaging, maintenance and various kinds of work that could involve very skilled labor as well. At Synchronized, we go the extra mile to make sure your product gets the treatment it needs.

Some of these treatments could be:

Kitting / Co-packing – sometimes your products need to be packed along with other products before being shipped out. We train our staff to do this for you so you can rest easy.

Labeling – small jobs like attaching labels to your product sometimes become a large task when you’re sitting away from your product. At our Warehouses, we do this for you – neatly and efficiently, as if it were automated.

Re-work Requirements – there are times when your product reaches us unfinished. This product does not need repair but skilled work on it. With a little instruction and training, we perform these jobs flawlessly.

Repair and Maintenance – sitting in warehouses often causes the products to need repair and maintenance before they leave us to reach your consumer. This could be a little polish, a little hammering or more skilled labor that your product might need. We ensure your product remains as you would want your customer to see it – perfect.

Assembling – products often reach us in parts. Sometimes, the parts arrive from different places and at different times. While we can keep an inventory of these various parts, we can also put them together for you. We can assemble furniture, cellphones, and various other products, that can instruct us on.

And this is not all. If there is a service that you need and don’t see here, click on how can we help?

At Synchronized, we promise that we will try and go the extra mile to adapt to your needs. 

We help you keep it moving.

Warehousing Services in India

We get goods there and, if need be, we get them back safe and sound!

Today’s market values customer satisfaction at the highest level. We understand that you are only happy when your customer is happy. When delivering your products, we know that we are the face of your company. We therefore also treat returns with the same care.

Our reverse logistics offering also includes safe disposal of electronic and hazardous waste.

We ease the process of Returns or Reverse Logistics for you. We adapt to your needs. We help you keep it moving.

Transport Service in India

The last mile is not a problem when using our Home Delivery service offering.

With a competitive market and busy consumers, home delivery is the call of the day. 

We deliver, unload, unpack and install whenever we asked to. We use our strategic Warehousing locations and our own fleet of GPS tracked trucks to ease delivery through better visibility. At the delivery point whether a bed has to be delivered on the 17th floor or a washing machine to the basement, we get it done. 

Our staff is always respectful of the customer and their homes and offices, and take care while unloading, unpacking and installing. We don't dent doors, leave packaging behind and fingerprints on the wall.

We care because we know you do. We help you keep it moving.

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