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At Synchronized, we specialize in road transportation.
Indian roadways pose a tough challenge when it comes to hauling objects, no matter what the distance. These challenges can range from bad roads to delays at check posts and material handling concerns. We try and prepare ourselves to face any condition coming our way to ensure that your product reaches its destination – on time and in full.


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Road Transport Company

At Synchronized, we work to give you the best transportation solutions tailored to your needs. We help you Keep It Moving.

We transport different types of cargo – microchips to forklifts and everything in between. Whatever your product, we are happy to provide innovative transportation solutions and programs that will support your supply chain.

We maintain a young and healthy fleet, which allows us to stay above the market chaos in times of high demand. We also have strict transportation maintenance protocols and GPS tracking that keep our fleet running smoothly.  

At Synchronized, we work to give you the best transportation solutions tailored to your needs. We help you keep it moving.

Transport in India

At Synchronized, distance is not a barrier to timely delivery.

We understand what transporting goods over long distances takes. We strive to deliver your product in the manner intended, completely unharmed in any way. 

Indian Roadways are often poorly maintained and unsafe passages for all transport, causing reduced speeds, delays or even breakdowns. Our fleet maintenance protocols and trained drivers reduce the possibility of breakdown, while our strict paperwork ensures smooth sailing through all check post delays. 

In the event of any problem, our autonomous teams never have to wait for solutions from hierarchical chains of command. They have the ability to take immediate problem-solving decisions and come to effective solutions that allow for a flexible & responsive system that will help deliver your product on time and in full.

At Synchronized, we pack and load your product on our trucks with care and foresight which helps in their safe transportation. If requested we can efficiently co-load goods to ensure very cost effective solutions. We also undertake single customer deliveries & multi-customer deliveries. 

To add to the efficiency of the Synchronized transport division, our Warehousing division, keeps your products ready to move to ensure a quick turn around time (TAT) to aid the transport team to achieve the safe and timely delivery of your product anywhere in India.

We take pride in effectively working as a united, yet multidimensional system. We ensure that long distances, and the risks associated with them, do not come in the way of your product reaching its destination safely and in time. 

Transport service in India

Customer satisfaction is as important to you, as it is to us.

Today’s market needs are urgent and very specific. We understand this and provide last mile delivery services to aid business-to-business or business-to-consumer deliveries.

Business to business delivery solutions: We know your product needs to reach the market before its consumers do, and we make sure it does. We support your customers by ensuring timely and well handled deliveries. We make sure your customers are well informed of the time they should expect their deliveries to ensure lowest possible TAT’s at the customer end.

Business to consumer delivery solutions: We transport, unload, unpack and install the product for your consumer. Whether it’s a piece of large furniture, electronics or whether the consumer lives on the 17th floor, we get the job done – safely and with flexible solutions that best suit the situation.

We avoid space wastage in trucks. We aim for optimum utilization of space and tonnage. We also optimize routes so that your goods reach their destination in the shortest possible time through the safest routes. 

Our warehouses, located on three levels – national,regional and in the city – are incorporated into our geographical plan for your supply chain to make sure your product reaches its destination – on time and in full.

Synchronized Transport Services also provide Value Adding Services, which may include kitting, labeling, repair and maintenance, inventory management and a host of other activities. We are happy to learn what you need and adapt to deliver that service. Upon request, we also provide hassle-free reverse logistics and returns services. 

This is how we help you keep it moving.

Best Road Transport Company

Our GPS enabled fleet ensures timely deliveries each and every time.

At Synchronized, we believe in adding value to our service by having our own fleet. We are not dependant entirely on market driven vehicles and are hence better able to meet our customers’ demands during peak seasons by deploying our own fleets. 

Our young fleet is entirely equipped with GPS tracking and this ensures that we (and our customers) constantly know where our vehicles are. We ensure the best possible fleet maintenance, and enforce protocols that decrease the probability of breakdown even in the face of poor conditions. 

Our fleet ensures you keep it moving.

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