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India is an agrarian economy, known largely for its agricultural produce, but the careless loss of a significant percentage of the Indian agricultural produce is a staggering, un-affordable and preventable waste.

Unfortunately, tons of this produce is lost to pests and rot, due to poor conditions of transportation and storage: these are often either lacking, or of poor quality. Lack of a facility for farm storage forces the farmers to sell immediately, flooding the market with unnecessary surplus, which goes to waste everyday. In the cases of poor storage facilities, the grains often rot, and are rendered unusable for consumption. 

At Synchronized, we welcome this challenge. We take the time to understand the industry and the challenges faced by it.

We are well equipped to store these grains in controlled environments, safe from hazards of humidity, heat, pests and other harsh conditions characteristic of the Indian climate.

Because of these storage facilities, the farmers are able to provide bills of storage which allows them to get financial aid. They can also better control the speed of sale of their produce, releasing adequate quantities in time to prevent wastage on one hand, and a good price on the other.

We are equipped to handle these bulk quantities, in terms of manpower, Transport and storage, for both perishable and non-perishable items, delivering on time & in full.

We help you keep it moving.

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